How To Recruit The Ideal Employee

Every business wants to find the right employees for creating, developing and selling their products and services. A successful business is all about growth and change so the need for quality employees to drive the company forward is critical. Good employees need to have the right skills and experiences and be team players contributing to making the business outstanding, but sourcing these special employees is certainly challenging.

Businesses often struggle in the costly recruitment process, with a significant amount of money spent on advertising and time sifting through CVs and interviewing candidates. Even when you think you’ve found the right one, you still need to be vigilant to ensure they actually start work with you without being tempted away. You also need to make sure your chosen one settles in well. There’s much responsibility on an employer and you need to be aware of where and how to recruit the best while minimizing bad decisions.

Ideal Employee

Top quality candidates who’ll bring the best-added value to your business don’t just fall into your lap and it takes considerable research and work to attract the best caliber of applications. Many employers believe they simply need to advertise on the internet then sit back and wait for the quality applications to arrive. To attract the best, you’ve got to be more proactive with your hiring strategy and do much creative thinking outside of the box.

 If you’ve business contacts in your niche area, there might be someone specific in your sights for your vacancy. You could then make direct contact and invite them to apply for the job. Although this is perhaps the ideal scenario, it’s more likely that your ideal employee will be unknown to you at the time you place your ad. Using specific jobs boards for your vacancy might be a good way to find that special candidate but, if you really want to cut the hassle, then use a specialist recruitment agency. They have their ear to the ground with all the best contacts for those looking for jobs and those with vacancies to fill. Professional recruitment consultants understand the detailed job market and have an in-depth knowledge of different industries, even those that are a specialist. They won’t make any assumptions though and always discuss matters with you in addition to sounding out potential candidates over their salary expectations to make sure you have a match. When they find you the right professional, you just need to interview your candidate and reach a mutually acceptable decision.

At the interview stage, it’s not just a case of assuming the candidate’s desperate to work for your business. You need to attract them to the fold, making sure you ask those pertinent questions to get the perfect fit. Be aware that you need to offer a realistic salary package that’s both affordable to you and attractive to the candidate. This will normally go beyond a simple annual salary, as a comprehensive benefits package comes as standard to most top jobs, together with additional training and career development within your business.

As stated by Robert Half, top candidates will be looking for:– a competitive and realistic salary but, if you’re unsure what this might be, consult a salary guide to get an idea;– a flexible benefits package where employees can select those elements they like, not only to seal the deal but also to make for a great employer/employee relationship;– training and development – top professionals are keenly aware that they need to continue along the career development path and usually welcome the chance to train for further opportunities in their role;– a show of strength – professional employees want to work for a business with strong leadership that knows where it’s going;– the prospect of more responsibility – nobody wants to be stuck in a rut in their profession and you should nurture and encourage talent to help employees progress up the career ladder;– a healthy work/life balance – dedication’s at the heart of the best employees, but a work-life balance allowing flexible working is important and an employer who takes this seriously will be cherished.

The recruitment process might seem complicated but, once you identify the criteria for your employees and the ways and means to find them, it’s a question of honest and genuine enticement to seal the deal. To do this, you need to be aware of what employees are looking for so you can get them to sit up and take notice of your business. It’s a competitive world out there on both sides of the fence and businesses need to stand out above the rest to gain that competitive edge.