Five Benefits of Starting your Career as a Medical Assistant

You can work in a variety of locations. Quite a lot of jobs in the field of medicine are limited to hospitals, particularly if you choose to specialize in any way.  Since medical assistants have duties which are administrative as well as clinical in nature, however, they can work in a variety of locations, including surgeries, specialized clinics, and even assisted living facilities. You’ll build relationships with your patients.

If you work in an environment which handles inpatients in whatever capacity, due to a medical assistant having both clinical and administrative duties, you will find yourself working far more closely than usual with most of the patients.  Medical assistants have noted that, while patients can and do form relationships with the physicians who are their primary care, it’s often the case that they feel more comfortable with a medical assistant who they are used to seeing.  Quite often the patient will disclose information to a medical assistant which they haven’t shared with their physician.

Career as a Medical Assistant

This requires good interpersonal skills, but the feeling of actually being able to connect with patients is one benefit of being a medical assistant. You will get to work in a team environment. Due to the mix of administrative and clinical duties, medical assistants get more teamwork than most.  Since they are not tied to a hospital, over the course of their career they may get the chance to collaborate with nurses, doctors, specialists, careers, and much more people.

Because medicine is such an important field, you will find that any team you are involved in builds trust quickly, leading to a supportive environment where you are really relied upon to help with the job, as well as one where you can ask for support and answers to any questions you may have. Jobs for medical assistants are increasing.

Job opportunities for medical assistants are increasing at a faster than average rate, with job opportunities for them expected to increase by 29% by the year 2022.  A lot of this demand is assumed to be due to the demands placed on the medical field by the global aging population – as people succumb to the illnesses and stresses brought on by age, clinics and hospitals are likely to need more medical assistants who are willing and able to help out with the added workload. You can either specialize or generalize.

Most people in medical fields have to either specialize or generalize and then stick to that decision.  As a medical assistant, you have the choice to do whichever one you choose – you could generalize at first, and then further down the line decide that you want to specialize and continue working in a particular area.

It also depends on a lot on where you want to work.  If you prefer to generalize, then working in a smaller clinic where the workload is spread over fewer people is probably better for you than working in a large hospital, where the work available is highly specialized because they have the funds and the space to hire dedicated people for each task or area.

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