5 Benefits that Teachers Have Over Other Job Candidates

If you think that school teachers don’t really overstress about their job, then you don’t know much about teaching. Unfortunately, due to this common stereotype teachers are often considered to be sort of “useless” when it comes to other careers, except teaching itself.

Thus, if you currently think about a possible career switch and worry that someone with a direct experience would leave you behind, try doing your best and use transferable skills from teaching in the resume in order to show your value. Think of your best qualities and add them up to these top 5 skills that teachers may have over other job candidates. However, if you have no idea how to present yourself, be sure to visit British Essay Writer and get a killer teacher resume.

Strong Communication Skills Job candidates with other job specializations would have to try hard in order to credit their claims about strong written and oral skills, but for teachers, it is not as hard. From day to day they’re used to provide the materials in a very understandable and persuasive manner so every student can assimilate information of any complexity. To demonstrate your writing skills, include the information about provided e-mails to parents, feedback of students or written lesson plans. Information about participating in professional teaching conferences or meetings is welcomed too.

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Experience in Dealing with Interpersonal Relations Working as a teacher means constant interaction with thousands of different people of different age and occupations. You have a chance to demonstrate your ability to co-work with all kinds of people, whether those are members of the school’s faculty, students or their parents. Any employer is happy to hire a person with both experience and soft skills. Hence, before the interview, you should prepare several stories from your school practice, where those qualities were shown.

Ability to Work on Your Own How much time do you devote to a 45-minute class preparation? Obviously, you have a lot of work to complete besides those 7-8 hours of school, not to mention you can get pretty busy with just checking out students’ homework each day. And of course, there is no one for you to help – it’s exclusively your responsibility to design a course, think of creative class projects, find materials for next assignments and so on.

In general, this is a great example of self-discipline and accountability most employers require. So, how would you write about it on your resume? What you can do is quantifying the number of student load, carried out classes, courses and even time spent on grading! Just imagine: the number of your checked essays could actually demonstrate both your productivity and explosive strength.

Quick Learning Skill One of the common stereotypes about teacher if the prejudice that they carry out lessons of the same type over again or simply hand out some multiple-choice tests to keep students busy during classes. Good teachers always try their best to change their lesson plans, if previous ones are ineffective. They look for new teaching methods and strategies. They read a lot of material and adapt to new ways of teaching. This is certainly worth mentioning at least during your interview. Tell the employer about some of your cases from teaching practice, where you faced a great challenge or had to adjust to unexpected circumstances etc.

Ability to Complete the Task Before Deadlines are everywhere, so it’s definitely a good trait for you to demonstrate. Remember how many times you were pressured by deadlines and mention about it on your resume. You can refer to lesson plans, reports of students’ grades or feedback.