3 Fascinating Traditional Careers in Crafting That You May Not Have Thought

If you love making things and are thinking about what kind of career might suit you, you may well have overlooked a lot of traditional careers that could actually be a perfect match. Forget to start a home business selling stuff you’ve knitted in your living room on Etsy – why not become a true artisan or master craftsman? It can be lucrative, satisfying, and you can genuinely become one of the best people in the world at what you do! Here are three ideas for traditional crafting careers that are still going strong, which you could start training to do: Royalty free photoJewelerActually, there are quite a lot of careers in the jewelry industry that require you to be a real expert at what you do. Goldsmiths, for example, craft beautiful pieces with gold. There are then people who specialize in cutting and setting gems, including diamonds. Evaluating and valuing jewelry is also an in-demand skill.

 If you really love jewelry and want to work with the finest materials, creating pieces that are unique, exquisite and valuable, then this can be an area to look into and choose for your career. Plenty of people design, make and sell jewelry from home, but if you have a passion for it, why not study and train as a genuine expert jeweler? Tailor/Couture Dressmaker Sewing is another hobby that is becoming more and more popular, as people begin to value skills that allow them to make and own things that are unique rather than mass produced. However, if you choose a career in this field, you could become a high-end tailor or dressmaker.

Fascinating Traditional Careers

Tailors are in huge demand for altering existing clothing, but if you can make bespoke high-end suits or stunning couture gowns, you’ll have a highly lucrative and interesting career. This is also a profession where you can work closely with your clients (after all, you have to measure and fit them!), and meet lots of interesting people, as well as creating things you can be really proud of. Of course, an extra perk of the job is having the skills to make sure you always look immaculately dressed and stylish!

Watchmaking Watches have many of the same qualities as jewelry, however, the mechanical aspects can make them more interesting to people who enjoy the mathematical and engineering side as well as the aesthetics of producing something beautiful out of valuable, high-quality materials. Watchmaking is a real art form, which is why although you can buy a watch for just a few dollars that will tell you the time to some degree of accuracy, people will spend large amounts on precise instruments made by people who have attended prestigious schools of watchmaking, for example in Switzerland.

These are just three fascinating, high-prestige careers you could consider if you want to spend your working time making things that are truly beautiful and excellent and make a good living in the process.

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